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It's official posted on 04/16/2008

Jose Contreras has officially had himself a quality start. A great start if I may say so. The key really is the 0 walks in 7 innings of work. There wasn't a whole lot of offense in support but Jimmy's 3 run shot in the first sufficed. End of a 'slump' for Thome? We'll see. I'm not so sure. I'm thinking that what I've been reading about moving him out of the 3 hole for awhile to take the pressure off is probably a good plan. Also, Bobby Jenks remains untouched on the season. Just thought that deserved a mention.

Just one second...
I turned the volume down on the game tonight and went with Stone and Farmer on the radio. There was only a one second delay. Just thought that deserved a mention.

Cheers to the Arizona Diamondbacks and their 11-4 start. Lookin fierce.

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Clutch posted on 04/14/2008
Fact. I have yet to go to a White Sox game this year where Joe Crede did not hit a grand slam. What could be better than that? Let me tell you:
As I stood at the gate waiting to get in, with my modest upper deck ticket in hand, there was a fella giving away tickets that weren’t going to be used, just 5 rows behind the Sox dugout. Naturally, I took them. A cold windy Sunday game in April turned into a sun-filled shouting distance display of Sox offense. I’d like to thank Brian Gant from Riddell Sports for being kind enough to not let those tickets go to waste. Very clutch.

Fall from grace
Miguel Cabrera managed to fall out of my favor, and it’s a loud fall with a fella gaining 10-15 pounds a year, by giving a hard time to third base coach Jeff Cox after Miguel bumped into him while tracking down a pop foul. Cabrera made the catch but proceeded to have some forceful words for Cox and finished up by tossing his gum at him. Finished might be the wrong word since he continued jawing at him when he came back out in the bottom half of the next inning. It didn’t take long to prove that it was a Miggy problem, and not a Coxie problem, when he tumbled to the ground with the third base umpire a bit later allowing a pop fly to land right next to third base. Too bad Miggy, too bad.

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V for Vendetta posted on 04/11/2008
Ozzie Guillen swears that Phil Cuzzi, the home plate umpire at the Sox home opener has a vendetta against him. He flew out of the dugout in the 3rd inning to argue balls and strikes and ended up getting tossed. Of course. Arguing balls and strikes pisses any ump off. No vendetta necessary. This is a little too much Ozzie if you ask me. Though I do enjoy hearing him rant angrily from time to time.

I was saying Boo-uehrle
Using the postponement of yesterday’s game (quite pissed as I have tickets for that and the reschedule is a day game) as an opportunity for some shuffling. The starting rotation has been jumbled a bit so that Mark Buehrle can get a couple of lefty lefty matchup heavy starts. I like it!

Prince Fielder has b

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I wondered, so you must have posted on 04/09/2008

So I really thought, maybe I hoped, that the blond facial hair was a bet. Maybe the last one to cut it or dye it back would be the winner. But it's not so. Just a team unity thing. According to the White Sox website Toby Hall dyed his little soul patch and once Swisher saw it he wanted in. Boone Logan is also a 'part' of it but he opted for black. More amusingly, Bobby Jenks claims that Juan Uribe and Pablo Ozuna are the next to go blonde faced. No word on if it will cause Uribe to cut down on his swing.

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posted on 04/08/2008

Not a whole lot of description necessary for the Sox first week of 08. I'd say a sweep of the Tigers and a 5-2 record does a pretty nice job of speaking for itself. A record, I might add, that iIm pretty sure is identical to the 05 start. As is the lack of respect, which is fine; under the radar is the way to be.

Swisher in the leadoff spot is so far so good, i'm very interested to see if the teams game level remains high once Jerry Owens returns. Ordinarily I would say of course, and be counting the days. But as it turns out, I'm a little bit in love with Carlos Quentin over there in left field. The guy has a cannon and isn't too shabby at the plate.  Though I am a tad concerned with his likeness to Jose Canseco.  I still think we need the speed and hopefully that just ads a whole new attack to our offense. It's a tough decision to make, but after sending Fields down, and the likely optioning of Brian Anderson, Kenny has got to be getting used to giving bad news. And as he always says, these problems are good ones to have.

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