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Jose Abreu posted on 10/06/2014

Born in Cuba in January 29, 1987, Jose Abreu is a first baseman MLB player with the Chicago White Sox. He played in one of the Cuban National Series teams before he defected to U.S.A. in August 2013. In Cuba, Abreu held the record for home runs in 2010-2011, and he was named MVP of the league. In the World Port Tournament of 2009, Abreu was backing Ariel Borrero who was holding at first base, and managed a score of 2 for 10. He was listed as an All-Star fielder in the final report of IBAF, but he was not used as a starter. However, when Cuba won the International Cup of 2010, Abreu was the starting first baseman.

After defecting from Cuba in August 2013, Abreu resided in Dominican Republic, and MLB granted him free agency. He joined the Chicago White Sox in October, signing a $68 million contract. The other Cuban players in the White Sox were Adrian Nieto, Dayan Viciedo, and Alexei Ramirez. In April 2014, Abreu played a major role in defeating Colorado Rookies 15-3, by scoring two home runs, which were the first in his MLB career. Later in the month, he also took his ninth home run against pitcher Grant Balfour of Tampa Bay Rays, which surpassed the previous rookie record of eight homers, and later in the month, extended the record to ten. The RBI rookie record was also broken by Abreu, when he made 31 RBIs in April.

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