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Who am I?

I'm a life long Chicagoan, who has followed the White Sox since 1967. I started by collecting baseball cards and watching on television. My dad would take me to a game once in a while, and I was at a Sox game when the first man walked on the moon. Many a team I have followed, from some of the lean years, to the Southside Hitmen, then the good teams of the 90's, up to our World Series champs and beyond.
I'm also a 30 year veteran of the Chicago park's 16" softball diamonds. It's my annual attempt to get my own fill of 'playing ball'.


Chicago sports, computers, movies, Softball, weight lifting


Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Hawks, Sox


Computer programmer and PPC marketer

I would like to ...

Win the lottery.....Become a successful internet businessman

Main Skills

Mainframe computers, sports knowledge, the internet

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